This bus is our electrical driven promotion bus to be used for an higher show effect together with our DisplayDrivers. It´s size is 3,80m x 1,80m x 2,30m. It can be easily transported on a trailer and be used as little office, mini-exhibition stand  - or whatever. If wanted as additional equiipment inclusive little fresh water tank, water sink, coffe machine etc. 

In standart version it got steel wheels, lead-acid batteries, standart battery charger for charging within 24h., an 4 KW ( 7 HP) electric motor for max. speed of about 10 km/h.

The premium version it got magnesium wheels, Lithium batteries, an 8 KW (12 HP) long life motor, an integrated hight-end batterie charger for charging within 2-3h, an refrigerator and 220V generator. The interieur can be designed either by us or locally at destination place.

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