We are an german based marketing agency who is creating together with specialized german construction companies complete electric driven display promotion carts like DISPLAY DRIVER, DISPLAY WALKER, DISPLAY TRAILER,  PROMOTION BUS and some more.

All these carts are perfomed in Germany under the high german quality aspects. They can be indivually improved &  designed according to customers demand. We can supply them all either plain without any printings - or with printing          of the wanted promotion action.

We supply 2 different quality levels and prices for each item. The more simple and cheap version is called "basic"      usable for occasional use and the higher priced very solid "premium" version for long term use.

We sell and ship worldwide.

This product here is our simple to use 4-wheel so called "DisplayDriver" which can be used for all kinds  of product promotion actions and also as for example political election promotions. 

Also it can be used as for example everywhere where are long distances to walk like on airports, large warehouses, in hospital etc.

Or in our "Cargo" version with special made trailer (incl. refrirgerating system when wanted) as for example for Pizza or Courier Services.

Or just stand in front of the shop as a kind of eye catcher.

The designs on the shield can be exchanged during or after promotion action is finished.

The DisplayDriver is available in an cheaper basic version with small wheels for occasional use with lead-acid batteries and 200W motor and standart battery charger. Charging hour about 12 - 18h.

Or in the very solid premium version for long term use with big alumiinum wheels, lithium batteries, 500W longlife E-Motor and hight end batterie charger for charging within 2 hours.

Additionally we supply our super stabil "PowerDocking Station" to hook on up to 4 DisplayDrivers for speed charge of all the 4 drivers within 2 hours.

The ideal combination for a successful promotion campaign and show effect inclusive problemless using would be:

* 4x premium Display-Driver                    *docking-Power-Station                         * Promotion-Bus                                 * Promotion-Unit-Trailer

In our special made promotion-unit-trailer will fit all the DisplayDrivers & the PromotionBus for transporting them from one to the other places by an SUV. Also, the whole unit fits as well in an 40ft. container and can be so comfortable worldwide shipped this way.    


To produce the whole unit according to customers demand takes around 4 month.               

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